RIG is a program I wrote to replace a particularly poor closed-source unattributed public-domain implementation for MS-DOS. Essentially it gathers random selections of first and last names, location data, and street names, to assemble a fake name and address, complete with geographically consistant ZIP code, area code, state, and city name. My implementation of fake is GPL, however its database belongs to whoever wrote the original implementation, or if that person remains unknown then I suppose it lies in the public domain. If you feel uncomfortable with this then please provide a new database. It shouldn't be too hard to create a new one.

The current version is 1.11, released April 23 2006.

You can download RIG from the distribution page. Thanks to for providing hosting.

People are encouraged to add entries to the database. Please feel free to send source or database patches to me, at vectro@users.sourceforge.net.